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Kjell Gustavsson Rhythm & Blues Orchestra                                                        


Foto: Palli Kristmundsson

Kjell Gustavsson - Drums,Vocal


Kjell Gustavsson - Drummer and Bandleader: write all songs for the band played with: Peter Carlsson & Blå Grodorna, Jukka Tolonen Trio, Dana Fuchs Band, Peter Johansson (We Will Rock You (London) Bill's Boogie Band and Owe Thörnqvist. and many more. Has recorded, produced 5 albums and composes.

Surjo Benigh - Bass,Vocal


Surjo Benigh - Bass, Vocal: worked as a professional musician since 1996 and has toured (and recorded at least 12 albums) with e.g. Ulf Lundell, The Boppers, Patrik Isaksson, Micke Rickfors, Mats Ronanader, Owe Thörnkvist, Stevie Klasson, Nina Kinert, Totta Näslund, Junior Watson, and Buddy Miller.

Bonne Löfman - guitar, Vocal


Bonne Löfman - Guitar, Vocal: Start playing at age 13 and has performed with the music elite in Sweden, such as Jerry Williams, Billy Bremner, Simon Cashley, Robert Wells, Steve Gibbons, The Refreshments, Mats Ronander, Owe Thörnqvist and Mikael Rickfors.

Pelle Lindh - Guitar, Lapsteel, Vocal


Pelle Lindh: Guitar: Plays since 1985, both live och studio. He has accompanied: Peter Johansson (We will rock you), Mats Ronander, Louisiana Red, Sven Zetterberg, Louise Hoffsten, Bill Öhrström, LaGaylia Frazier, Mikael Rickfors, Lill-Babs, Clas Yngström and Janne Åström - amongst many others

Anders Larsson - Keyboard, Accordion


Anders Larsson: Accordion, Keyboards: Began to play the accordion at the age of 4. Debuted on television two years later, after having performed in several radio programs. Received several awards and was in 1991 elected by the Swedish accordion players' association (Sveriges Dragspelares Riksförbund) to be the year's best accordion player. Anders is touring throughout the Nordic region, playing in different constellations and he plays Blues and Boogie on the piano as often as on his accordion. He has performed with
- e.g. Pelle Lindström, Mats Ronander, Simon Crashly & The Roadmasters, as well as Billy Bremner, and his music has been recorded on more than 30 albums.

Martin Lood - Trumpet


Martin Lood: Trumpet: Received music education at universities in Sweden and the US. Has performed with Lisa Nilsson, Peter Asplund, Jerry Williams Band, Glenn Miller Orchestra Scandinavia, Svante Thuresson and Nils Landgren. In Sweden he has played in the musicals Jesus Christ Superstar, West Side Story, Sugar, Buddy Holly and Cats

Bosse Gustafsson - Saxophone


Bosse Gastafsson: Tenor Saxophone, Clarinet: Bosse has played professionally since 1975, including as a band member with Dag Vag, Chicago Express, Red Hot Max & Cats. In addition, he had gigs and participated in CD productions with numerous orchestras and bands.

Martin Pålsson - Trombone


Martin Pålsson: Trombone : The latest member of the band. Educated at the Royal College Of Music In Stockholm. Has played with Jill Johnson, Claes Jansson, Jonas Gardell and many more.

Mikael Westman - Leadvocal 

Lennart Brorsson
Foto Roine Lundsröm plats Neff

Mikael Westman: Leadvocal/ Percussion:  

Blues singer, writer and guitarist who has recorded several albums with his own bands Gumbo and Uncle Jam. Gumbo was the support act to Jerry Lee Lewis when he played in Gothenburg in 2007 and they have accompanied the legendary harmonica player Lee Oscar. Mikael has performed on almost every Blues Festival in Scandinavia and had the opportunity to accompany Freddie Wadling and Blue for Two on the album Tune the Piano Hand me a Razor.

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