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        Kjell Gustavsson Rhythm & Blues Orchestra                                                        

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Kjell Gustavsson Rhythm 'n Blues Orchestra

consists of seasoned - partly internationally known – highly skilled musicians and their music is very special: A very swingy Rhythm & Blues, which ranges from traditional Rhythm & Blues over Boogie, Funk and Soul to the hot Cajun and Zydeco rhythms from Louisiana.

Kjell Gustavsson and The Rhythm 'n Blues Orchestra are an extraordinary experience and with their infectious joy and enormous enthusiasm they spellbind any audience regardless of age and musical taste.

The band, which since its founding in 2008 has released six Cd´s since start 2008                                                                                                    

Listen to samples:

- Many Million Miles - 2008

- The Boogie Boys - 2010

- In The Barn - 2012

- By The Swamp - 2013

- Jungle - 2016

- Down At The Saloon - (Sample coming soon)

Kjell Gustavsson R/B Orchestra has performed on a lot of festivals and clubs all around Scandinavia and Germany 

In addition, the band whose physical CDs (next to countless downloads) have been sold to e.g. USA, England, Holland, Tyskland, Polen, Norge, Danmark, Italien and Finland.

Kjell Gustavsson Rhythm & Blues Orchestra with their unique blend of Blues, Jazz and Funk will give any audience an unforgettable musical experience far beyond the ordinary.

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