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Release 2018


1. Golddigger (K.Gustavsson, E.Morell)

2. Blues Is Just A Passing Bird (M.Westman)

3. Spellbound (K.Gustavsson, E.Morell)

4. Where The River Flows ( K.Gustavsson, E.Morell)

5. Easy Come Easy Go (K.Gustavsson, S.Isacsson)

6. Down At The Saloon ( K. Gustavsson, U. Sandström)

7. Oh Friday ( M. Westman)

8. Tejano ( K. Gustavsson, Q. Starkie)

9. So Cold And Lonely ( M. Westman)

10. Heart Of Stone ( K. Gustavsson, Q. Starkie)


Kjell Gustavsson: Drums, Percussion, Choir

Surjo Benigh: Bass, bari guitar, 6 string bass, Choir

Bonne Löfman : Guitar

Pelle Lindh : Guitar, Lapsteel, Ac. Guitar

Anders Larsson: piano, Organ, Accordion


Martin Lood: Trumpet

Bosse Gustafsson: Tenor sax

Pelle Grebacken: Alto sax, Baritone sax

Martin Pålsson: Trombone

Mikael Westman: Leadvocals, Percussion, Ac. Guitar, Mandolin


COVER ART: Gunnar Muvemba Lidström

COVER DESIGN: Per Johan Altin

Produced: Kjell Gustavsson and Surjo Benigh

KG Music Production/Rootsy Music

© KG Music Production 2022