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Released 2013 with 12 original songs

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Songlist                                        Music/Lyrics

1. Wasting My Time                    (K.Gustavsson/S.Isacsson)

2. That Worries Me                     (K.Gustavsson/S.Isacsson)

3. My Backyard                          (K.Gustavsson/S.Isacsson)

4. St.James Infirmary                   (Trad. arr)                         

5. Midnight At The Swamp         (K.Gustavsson/S.Isacsson)

6. Don´t Count On Me                (K.Gustavsson/S.Isacsson)

7. PCH (Oh My Oh My)             (K.Gustavsson/S.Isacsson)

8. Nothing Else To Lose             (K.Gustavsson/U.Sandström)

9. Gone Fishing                          (K.Gustavsson/S.Isacsson)

10. The Dog                                (K.Gustavsson/S.Isacsson)

11. I Don´t Need Any Action     (K.Gustavsson/S.Isacsson)

12. When The River Is Rising    (K.Gustavsson/S.Isacsson)


Drums: Kjell Gustavsson

Bass: Surjo Benigh

Guitar: Bonne Löfman, Pelle Lindh

Keyboard: Anders Larsson, Janne Petersson

Accordion: Anders Larsson


Trumpet: Martin Lood

Tenor Saxophone, Clarinet: Bosse Gustafsson, 

Alto Saxophone, bassclarinet: Viktor Sand

Trombone, Bass Trombone, Tuba, Euphonium: Staffan Findin

Background Vocal: Kjell Gustavsson, Stene Isacsson, Göran Böving

Leadvocal: Göran Böving, Kjell Gustavsson track 12

Additional Musicians

Percussion: Michael Blair

Violin: Erik Johansson

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